You are amazing. You probably don’t hear that enough, but you are. And, even if you do hear that from people, there’s a good chance you don’t necessarily feel or own it. After all, sometimes compliments are a little tough for us to receive and embrace. Well it’s time for that to change. You are awesome. You are one of a kind. Your presence in life makes the world unique. Of the nearly eight billion people in the world, there is only one YOU. Not one of us is similar in all the same ways… and that’s a beautiful thing. So this week, we want you to discover what makes you YOU, and to truly OWN YOUR AWESOMENESS. Let us be clear that being awesome doesn’t mean a constant quest for perfection. We are awesome in our flaws, just as we are in the places we excel. They are all part of this perfect package that makes us who we are. We just need to discover and embrace how spectacular we are so we can bring our whole self to our relationships, work, school, and life. Never forget that, at the end of the day, your greatest super power is just being YOU. This week, discover that confidence comes from within, own it, and bring it to the rest of us. Owning your awesomeness matters.

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