Parks are beautiful things. They were created to provide beauty, to be explored, to preserve, to play and to relax in. They are also places for us to connect—with nature, one another, and our community. Knowing this, you might think that your local park would be the most popular gathering place in your community, but it probably isn’t. In fact, only a very small percentage of adults regularly step foot in their local park. And with TV, the Internet, smart phones, videos games, and super busy schedules, fewer youth are enjoying them today as well. Well, it’s time to bring parks back and all the fun that comes with them. This week, we want you to get outdoors and PARTY IN THE PARK. You have so many types of parks to choose from: community parks, state parks, national parks, dog parks… take your pick. Bring along those walking shoes or a picnic blanket and some food, a Frisbee, and some friends. You might even consider bringing some garbage bags and gloves to do a little park cleanup while you are there. We all play a role in keeping our parks safe and beautiful, as well as fun. So, let’s get outdoors, enjoy the summer weather, spend more quality time together, and feel the blades of grass between our toes. Partying in the park matters.

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