Peace. It’s an important word, and an even more important action. We all want peace—for ourselves, for our families, and for the world—but do our actions really support it? Do we really believe peace is possible? Do we actively work toward a peaceful, just, and caring world in order to truly give peace a chance? This week, we want you to ask those tough questions while you PICTURE PEACE. We believe that peace is possible—but achieving peace isn’t always easy. Peace takes work. It takes small actions that build up into bigger moments and movements. Peace asks that we examine every one of our choices, actions, and thoughts. It requires thoughtfulness, care, respect, and love. It requires all of us together. As we turn the page on another year, let’s remember that we all deserve peace equally. That means everyone. And we owe it to one another to make sure we all have and experience it. So, how will you make 2019 a peaceful year? How will you bring peace to others, including your family, friends, neighbors, and people you have never met before? How will you promote peace everywhere, and to everyone, through your own actions? This week, we’re asking you to picture peace and to commit to making it a reality for all. Picturing peace matters.

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