There’s a question we used to ask on a regular basis. It’s not that “Why?” question we threw at our parents or guardians or that your children throw at you now. Isn’t life cruel that way? It’s the “Can you play today?” question. Sound familiar? Our guess is you might have heard your children ask this question of their friends a few times but that you have not uttered those words in quite a while. Well, that’s all about to change, because this week, we want you to PLAY FREELY. Yes, we are asking if you can play today. When was the last time you let loose and played a fun game with your friends or family? What game was it, and why was it so fun? When was the last time you threw a dance party, played charades, or did some chalk art on your sidewalk? The options are endless, as long as you are willing to be open-minded with it. Just let your children pick the game or activity, if you have them and need a little help. They will have you laughing in no time. Whatever you end up doing, have a blast playing and connecting with one another. You can even go one step further and offer participation trophies for making the time to play with you this week. However you go about it, we’re happy to know you are playing games, being creative, and having fun together. Playing freely matters.

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