The word “play” is defined as: (verb) “To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” Wait, what? For “enjoyment and recreation”? So, why isn’t “play” something we do like five times per day? Do we even think to play weekly or monthly? We think we know the answers (or excuses) we all use. We get busy. Too much work, chores, family obligations. Too many meetings, events, workouts. Yes, all the “serious and practical” stuff… we get it… but not this week. This week, we want you to PLAY MORE. And, we really mean it. Call up a friend and literally say the words, “Can you play today?” We don’t care how old you are… you used to do it all the time. Go to the park with your kids or your spouse, friends, neighbors… and play a game. Play hide and seek. Play anything. It’s good for our soul. It’s good for our relationships. And, it’s good to step out of our “stuff” for a little bit to have fun more often. Life is meant to be enjoyed… at least part of the time. So, let’s get a little playful this week. Playing matters.

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