THIS WEEK: Play the Hero

Every classic story has a few main characters – the villain, the victim, and the hero. Think about any Marvel movie or episode of CSI or great fiction book. And, really good stories have a way of connecting us to each of the characters. But now, let’s look at your life and try to imagine it as its own classic story. After all, you do have a story. The question is, “What character are you playing?” We hope it is not the villain. And, we certainly hope not the victim. So what’s left? Yes, you guessed it. We want you to PLAY THE HERO. Unfortunately, our world has plenty of villains and victims already, but seemingly never enough heroes. But let’s be clear on what we mean by “Hero.” No, you don’t need to don a cape or save the world. You don’t even need to shoot spider webs from your hands. All we are asking for is a hyper-awareness of opportunities where you can be there for someone. Give someone a call, volunteer, listen, smile, or go the extra mile by surprising your neighbors by washing their cars or offering to babysit. The deed might be small, but the impact mighty. So why not save the world one Monday… one action at a time? The world definitely needs more heroes. Playing the hero matters.

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