Patience is challenging. We want and expect everything…yesterday. We get impatient with ourselves by judging our lack of this or that. We get impatient with our achievements in trying to be perfect all the time, or thinking our life isn’t unfolding according to the plan we had for ourselves. And we always need to be doing something instead of just being. Yes, we have become human doings instead of human beings. So, let’s take time this week to slow our roll a little bit. It’s time to PRACTICE PATIENCE. When was the last time you went on vacation? Did it take a few days to decompress? Or when was the last time you didn’t jam your weekend with stuff to do, and instead planned nothing and welcomed the slowness of things? We know, it’s not easy. We live in a capitalist country where human value is based on our productivity. Not producing equates to not being valued. Sad, but true. But this over-pressurized system is too much for us. Our brains and bodies are not designed to take on this much, and we need to find more peace and calmness to balance us out. So let’s take a few deep breaths this week. Dare we say, let’s all relax a little bit. Be kinder to yourself and to other people. Don’t squeeze everything so tightly. Stop “nexting.” Trust the process. Practicing patience matters.

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