Foot-tappers. Watch-watchers. Barista-starers. Horn-honkers. Tail-gaters. This week is just for you. Do you already know where this is heading? Well, please be patient and let us explain. We just need a few more minutes of your precious time and you will know exactly what this week is all about. Because this is a really important week… like really important. It is something that can benefit all of us and it requires the proper set up and context to really explain it. See, we can’t just rush through this or force it, because that would not give it proper justice and would not serve us well. Sometimes things just take a little more time, and we have to really feel our way through it. But it isn’t always easy. Actually, sometimes it feels downright impossible. Because it tests us and forces us to try to stop it. To just calm down. And, there is a good chance that you are actually starting to feel the opposite of it right now. Getting annoyed? Have we taken enough of your time? Feeling impatient? Good. Because, this week, we want you to PRACTICE PATIENCE. And, this was just a small test to see if you need the practice. So, stop tapping, watching, staring, and honking. Patience matters.

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