As much as we like to pride ourselves on being upbeat, positive, and optimistic people, it is a strange truth that bad news seems to spread quicker than good news. There is also a reason why the evening news rarely allocates time for uplifting and inspiring news stories, and that most of our popular television shows aren’t what one might call “Feel Good TV.” Throw in some of the negativity and bullying that takes place online and on social media, and it is no wonder why sometimes things just don’t feel so great. Well, in the spirit of being hopeful, it’s time to PRACTICE POSITIVITY. It’s very easy to slip and see the negative instead of the celebrating positive. It’s also easy to see the ugliness and imperfections instead of being astonished by the beauty. But we can change our ways, and there is a reason we chose the word “practice.” Because remaining focused on the positive in our selves, in other people, and in our world just might take practice—a true concerted and unwavering effort. But, we need it, both individually and collectively, so let’s be powerful positivity machines. Let’s lift one another up. Let’s play and laugh. Let’s take notice of the beauty in and around us. Let’s be the Legion of Positivity, because practicing positivity matters.

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