Some of us love to use our planners, create to-do lists, and use different colored highlighters and sticky notes to remind us what needs to get done. Some of us go with the flow and live life in the moment. And maybe a few of us are a combination of both. However, if we are going to be intentional about the goals we want to achieve, PRIORITIZING and PLANNING is a must. Bright shiny objects (BSO’s) are things that easily catch our eye and get our attention. They love distracting us and are really good at it. But when we have our priorities in place and a plan to achieve them, we are better able to avoid the temptation those BSO’s present us. Having our priorities and plans (P&P) also allows us to determine benchmarks and milestones. We can evaluate and assess our progress – re-evaluate and adjust. But it’s not always easy to prioritize and plan; and just when we think we have everything under control, a big unknown that throws everything off hits us. However, even in these circumstances, our P&P allow us to take into account what needs to get done and what can wait. Our priority this week is to help you prioritize and have a plan, if you haven’t noticed. Hopefully our plan worked. Prioritizing and planning matters.

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