Priorities are everywhere. Companies have priorities they believe determine the success of their business. Schools have priorities when it comes to developing young people and helping their students succeed. Political parties have priorities that make up their agendas. And, we each have priorities as well. Some of them are subtle and interwoven into our daily practices and choices. Others are more clearly stated, like our New Year’s Resolutions—lose weight, make more money, stop a bad habit, etc. These are all priorities we choose in order to keep us focused and progressing and achieving those important “something’s.” But how often do we choose to make one another the priority? Do we prioritize our loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or those in need? Well, we think it is time to do just that. This week we are all going to PRIORITIZE PEOPLE. Think about someone in your life for a moment. Maybe it is a best friend, parent, spouse, or teammate. Then ask yourself: what is one thing I can do this week to show that person how much they mean to me? Once you have your answer, the only thing left to do is to make it happen. It’s that easy. Imagine a world where everyone’s first priority was people, and we prioritized each of them equally. That’s the world we should all strive to create. Prioritizing people matters.

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