There is one choice we make every day. In every interaction with others, when we’re thinking to ourselves, even in what we choose to eat or not eat, do or not do. This choice is an “either-or,” “up” or “down,” or “hot” or “cold” choice. One question, two options. That’s it. So drum roll please. That one question is: “Do you want to spread positivity or negativity in the world?” And, even though there are, in fact, an A or B answer, we are here to say that there is only one right answer. This week, we want you to choose to PROMOTE POSITIVITY. Our world has plenty of negativity in it. We all feel it. Too much judgment, divisiveness, bullying, one-uping, and down-putting. We have somehow lost our sense of decency and camaraderie and it is time for us to make an absolute commitment to take our world back. So what will you do to make yourself and the world more positive? How will your little and big actions, including the words you say, contribute to a stronger culture of positivity? Let’s re-discover how easy it is to be positive with everyone in our lives—friends and strangers alike—and even ourselves. Let’s be a true force of positivity. Together, let’s lift the world up. Promoting positivity matters.

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