Remember when you were too small to ride on certain rollercoasters? As you got in line, you were greeted by Roadrunner or Batman or some other cartoon character that had their finger pointing out to the side and, if you weren’t taller than their finger, you weren’t allowed to ride. It was devastating. Why? Because you were a thrill-seeker. Fearless. Limitless. You yearned for bigger, stronger, faster. But then something changed. We created our own cartoon character that showed us our limits and we believed it. We started to justify that it was no big deal, and we just got comfortable with setting our own limits. That is, until now. Because, this week, it’s time to PUSH YOUR ZONE. Extraordinary is just that… “extra”-ordinary. And, there is nothing about being extraordinary that calls for playing it small or safe. No, that doesn’t mean we need to try out for the X Games or climb Everest, but it might mean that we have a few walls of our own making that need to come down. If you are like most people, you have created a really nice cocoon around your life. It’s all safe, warm, and cuddly in there, isn’t it? But it might also be holding you back a little and keeping you from experiencing something better. Only you know for sure. Pushing your comfort zone matters.

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