Yes, it is hard to believe, but we are just about half way through the year. Wow… that was fast. Too fast. So, we have a question for you? How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions this year? Are you healthier? Have you spent more time with family and friends? Did you start that new hobby? Do you have more joy in your life? Our hope is that you knocked it out of the park with all of these “most popular” resolutions. But, we also know that achieving all of these things is not easy… for any of us. So, this week, we want to revisit how well we are all doing. It’s time for us to RE-BALANCE. The cool part about the most common resolutions is that they really focus on the good stuff in life. The things that matter most – health, family, friends, joy, peace, balance. And, if there is anything that we hope you are excelling at, it is precisely these things. Being balanced is a huge part of understanding how much and why you matter. When we are at our best, mentally, physically, and emotionally, we can also be at our best for those around us and the world. So, in a very gentle and loving way, let’s press in here a little bit. Let’s make a “Summer Resolution” to get back on track. Re-Balancing matters.

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