We all love a good story. You know the script… a character that we fall in love with ends up facing challenging times, and we get behind them and do all we can to help and hope them get to other side and reach their goal. It happens in every love story. It happens in galaxies far far away. It happens on football fields and basketball courts. And, it’s been happening for a very long time. And, every single time it happens, we feel this overwhelming sense of joy, peace, inspiration, and calm. The crazy part is that we aren’t even in the story, but we still feel as though we are. This is the beauty of story. This is the beauty of a good book. So, this week, we want you to head to the bookstore or hop online to buy your first summer book. It’s time to READ A BOOK. Study after study has proven the positive effects that reading has on us. It decreases blood pressure, expands our imagination, develops our vocabulary, improves our communication skills, and calms us down. Yet, 50% of us read fewer than five books a year. That means 50% of us are missing out on some pretty awesome benefits. Let’s turn that around… together. Reading matters.

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