We’re often told to “pause and reflect,” but we also often want to skip on the pausing part of things. Without the pause though, we can’t reflect. Reflection is an act that requires time, space, and intention—not easy in our fast-paced lives and world. We, human beings, seem much more comfortable flying by the seat of our pants. Piling items onto our to-do lists, double booking our schedules, and multi-tasking everything. Then, once we get overwhelmed and realize our lives have become void of margin, we silently scream, “Stop the madness!” and throw our hands in the air. Our frustration is all the more reason we need this week, because the truth is, it’s the person you see in the mirror that is causing all of this stress. This week, it’s time to pause… breathe… and… REFLECT. Reflecting requires us to take a time out—to stop and check in with ourselves. It allows us to relive moments and to integrate what we’ve learned in order to make mindful choices about how we want to grow and thoughtfully move forward in life. This is not about suffering from a case of the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’s;” rather it is about being aware and being grateful for the opportunity to rest and to learn. So enjoy it. You deserve some time to yourself. It’s good for you and the world. Reflection matters.

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