This is a big week. We wrap up another year and kick off a new one. And, in just a few days we will all be sharing our New Year’s Resolutions and getting ready to conquer the world. But instead of sharing how few New Year’s Resolutions are kept, we are going to take a different approach. We are not going to talk about the New Year at all this week. Instead, we want you to stay in THIS year just a little longer and REFLECT on it. What were some of your highlights? Low-lights? What did you learn? How did you grow? What were happy moments and what sad ones happened? The questions are truly endless, so feel free to ask yourself whatever comes to mind. And don’t be afraid to ask the tough ones… this is how reflection truly helps us to grow. The key here is that you actually take time to think about your experiences, relationships, missed opportunities… Ask more questions, then answer them. Not only will you learn about yourself, but taking this time to reflect might be the only time you took all year for yourself. And, you matter. So take a few minutes to soak it all in for yourself. Reflecting matters.

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