Pause for a moment. Close your eyes, if you’d like. Take a nice deep breath and a long slow exhale. Gently open your eyes. What do you see? What do you notice? What do you hear? Maybe you are staring at the stack of work files you need to get through, the dirty dishes in the sink or a mountain-sized pile of laundry. Maybe you hear the noise of traffic, someone talking too loudly on their cell phone, or a commercial on the tv. Or maybe, you are able to SAVOR THE MOMENT and tap into things that bring you joy. Might there be the aroma of dinner being made or the laughter of your sibling? How about your pet scratching its back by wiggling on the floor or a thoughtful note given to you after you helped your neighbor fix something? Or how about that picture of you and your friends from last summer that you walked by a million times, but this time you paid attention to it? Our world moves fast, and we do as well. It’s easy to get caught up in our routines and schedules or lost in our devices and screens. We tend to base our days on our to-do lists and worry about what’s next. However, we can also make a choice. We can slow our roll, widen our awareness, and be present. Let’s unshackle from the urgency to cross things off our lists and instead appreciate the little and big joys around us. Let’s intentionally take moments to pause and downshift. Let’s engage our senses, live in real-time, and experience what matters most. Savoring the moment matters.

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