Life is made up of moments—times that move us, capture our heart, or symbolize a special event or time of our life. Things like doing well on an exam or performance, graduating to a new grade or getting a promotion, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or seeing a friend you haven’t seen in years. Of course, there are those moments that weren’t so joyous as well—the time we had our heart broken, lost a loved one, or struggled with some of life’s big questions. Regardless, when we look back on the week, month, year, or even years, these are the things we remember and they all matter. To honor each and every one of those experiences, this week, we want you to SAVOR THE MOMENTS. We all have very different lives. They start at different places and end at different places, but all of us have moments that fill up the middle of our journey. So how quickly are those moments flying by for you? Does it seem like yesterday when _______? Go ahead and fill in the blank. Yes, time flies so take the time to truly connect with and feel each and every minute of it. Breathe in your surroundings. Focus your eyes on something other than a screen. You might just seeing something that takes your breath away, softens your heart, and fills your soul. Savoring the moment matters.

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