The holidays are over and we are now on day #2 of 2017. In a perfect world, the holidays are designed to really give us time to slow down, to think, and to feel; but we know that so often that’s not the case. Last week, we tried to help by asking you to reflect on 2016 and to recognize what mattered most to you throughout the year. Our hope is that you truly took the time and you enjoyed what you discovered. Well now it’s time to change directions and to look forward. So before you get swept up in the madness of your routines, this week, we want you to spend some time SEARCHING YOUR SOUL. Don’t be timid; this is good stuff. It’s really worth sorting it out. What’s in your heart? How do you feel most of the time? How do you want to feel? What do you care about? What drives you crazy and what makes your heart sing? Was there something about last year that you want to change for this year? See, the best part of digging in and answering some of these deep questions is that it brings clarity around what you can do to create a more fulfilling life. It even allows you to set an intention or a mission for the year… a guide. We promise, it’s not as messy as you might think and it’s super rewarding. Searching your soul matters.

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