Every weather report, including the one on your phone right now, has a category called, “Visibility.” Meteorologists use the term “Visibility” as a measurement of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned. Visibility is fundamental to all forms of transportation, from driving to sailing to flying. But what about for your own life? How many “miles” is your visibility? Are you able to see endless horizons and miles and miles of road, or are things a bit foggy, hazy, and closed in? Well, this week is all about taking the limits off of things. It is about extending our vision past everything we currently see and believe to be true. This week, we want you to SEE BEYOND. We are challenging you to see beyond your current circumstances, what life has given you, and what you’ve been told is possible. It’s easy to forget that there can be something different than what we have already know, and that life can be different than how we’re living it right now. Do you want something different for yourself, your life, or the world? It’s possible, we promise. This week, get imaginative and expand the limitations that are placed on you—by other people and yourself. Seeing beyond matters.

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