Last month we engaged in our communities to better understand the needs that surround us and how we can best serve them. But the taking action part is just as important, especially as we remember and embody the fact that all of us can make a real and positive difference in the world. This week, we want you to expand your perspective and SERVE A GLOBAL NEED. Just as it’s important to get involved in our own communities, it is important to get involved in global ones—but with care. This week, we want you to do some investigating and find out what organizations are contributing to respectful, powerful, helpful, and strategic work that’s rooted in humble community care around the world, and then commit to supporting them in whatever way you can. Even better, use what you’re passionate about to drive that investigation, and use your own network and community to strengthen that organization’s mission and work. While each of us can’t provide the solutions to every single need, we can support those who are doing the important work to find solutions while involving the community they’re working with. This week, discover how to get involved with global communities while realizing there’s no saving to be done—just serving. Serving a global need matters.

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