The moment we were born was the precise moment we began a journey of countless moments—life. These moments come in all shapes and sizes. Some are positive, while some are negative. Some last only one second, while others last hours, days, or even years. Some we experience alone, while others we share with someone else. But as these moments add up, they can become harder to recall and even challenging to appreciate. We run out of “firsts” and life can get routine or “normal.” But this week, we want to break things down again and reconnect you with the power of each and every moment. It’s time to SHARE A MOMENT. As humans, we are designed for connection. We rely on one another to better understand ourselves and to learn how to love, relate, grow, and thrive. Sadly, the combination of technology and the pandemic has left many of us feeling less connected than ever before. So much so that our loneliness has led to anxiety, depression, and a longing for belonging. But we can turn this around. We can take charge and begin to step back out into life. Let’s no longer wait for someone to knock on our door to see if we want to share a moment together. Let’s be the ones who lead the way, curate connection, and create moments that can be shared. We need it. They need it. Humans need it. Sharing a moment matters.

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