We love this saying, “Our secrets are our sickness.” Sure, it’s a bit strong. But, if you really think about it, it only stings a little bit because it is true. If we have a secret, it usually means we are keeping or hiding something because the sharing of it would lead to something unpleasant or uncomfortable for someone… and this includes ourselves. But privately living with it doesn’t serve us well either. So, this week, we want you to SHARE A SECRET. Now, before you go spilling the beans everywhere, let us first share some food for thought. Often times our deepest secrets can be fairly loaded, meaning they have or can have a deep impact on us or somebody else. These types of secrets should be handled with care. We need to have a trusted tribe around us, even if it is a tribe of one with which to share. However, we know there are tons of silly secrets that reveal something embarrassing about us or a slightly irrational fear we have like roller coasters, clowns, or flying. With these, why not share away? Have fun with it. Laugh about it… embrace what makes us human, and then move on. As you probably know from experience, finally letting these things out can help us heal, connect with one another, and in many cases, grow stronger. Sharing your secrets matters.

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