Think about your favorite story and what about it makes it so special or meaningful. Maybe it’s a story you read recently or something you experienced personally. Maybe the story had great characters you instantly liked or identified with. Maybe the storyline sparked a dream for your future or made you feel stronger, more confident, adventurous, happier, or even loved. Stories are powerful, especially when we take the time to reflect on them. Stories teach and shape us, and they also connect us. So, this week, we want you to SHARE A STORY. Think about your story for a moment. Your story has characters, a setting, and a plot—even though the ending hasn’t been written yet. Your story has moments of triumph and difficulty, tears and laughter, joy and heartache and experiences that have yet to happen. Own the fact that your story matters and it is happening, right this very second, for a reason. Think about a story from your life that taught you an incredibly valuable lesson and share that story with someone in the hopes it will be life giving for them as well. We can learn from the stories and experiences from one another, as our stories are connected and connect us together. And, all of our stories put together in the same novel or movie create the world we live in today. This week, let’s GET GENEROUS and SHARE A STORY.

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