When we think of the word, “debt,” we typically think of money or a feeling of gratitude. We might owe someone or the bank money because they loaned it to us. Or, we might owe someone a debt of thanks for something nice they did for us. In all cases, with debt, there is the dynamic of taking or receiving, combined with giving or paying back. But there is one type of debt you owe that you likely had no idea you had. It’s called, “Sleep Debt,” and it carries a big penalty when you don’t pay it back. That penalty is damage to your health. So, this week, get ready to pay it back because it’s time to SLEEP TIGHT. The bad news here is that you probably have a decent amount of sleep debt. If you should be getting seven hours of sleep every night, but are only getting six, by the end of the week, you already owe seven hours of sleep back. In other words, you are pulling an all-nighter every week. However, the good news is that you can pay it back. Simply get eight hours every night the following week and you are back at your seven hours per night average. Since sleep lowers stress, inspires creativity, increases joy, improves muscle and brain performance, and allows our bodies to heal, we think sleep is truly the last thing we want to owe ourselves. So sleep tight… it matters.

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