We know what you are thinking… “Last week, you asked us to CRANK IT UP, and now you are asking us to do just the opposite.” We know. We planned it that way… because we believe in balance. It is that Yin-Yang thing. Life gets busy. We have work, school, family, friends, meetings, practices, games, and exercise. We think all that is great, because being busy with things that matter is good for you. But we also know there are some things that take up a lot of our time that aren’t “necessarily” necessary. So, this week, we want you to SLOW YOUR ROLL on some of those things. You remember them… the ones that keep your eyes constantly starring at a screen and your ears constantly bombarded with noise. It’s time to step away, turn it off, and slow it down. Taking time to get quiet, to close your eyes, to meditate, to pray, or to just do absolutely nothing has a profound impact on our health. It clears our mind, it releases stress, it slows our breathing, and it allows us to spend some time reflecting on the things that matter most. So make time to get quiet. Slowing your roll matters.

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