A smile can light up a room. A smile can change someone’s day. A smile let’s someone know that you see them. And when we smile, not only does it release feel-good hormones in our body, but it does the same thing for anyone who sees it. But sometimes we don’t miss something until it is gone. The fact of the matter is that we have seen fewer smiles this year. Why? The obvious answer is that most people have worn a mask out in public, so we couldn’t even tell if they were smiling. But we believe there is a second reason as well… we just haven’t felt like smiling, so we haven’t. But a world without smiles is a world none of us should want or accept, so this week, we want you to SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. When was the last time you laughed or smiled until your cheeks hurt? Remember how fun that was? Does it kind of make you crack a little smile right now just reflecting on the moment? Well what can you do right now, this week, or this month to create opportunities for yourself and those around you to have more of those moments? Let’s play. Let’s have fun. Let’s feel the joy. And, just an FYI, even when you are wearing a mask people can still see your smile. They see it in your eyes. Don’t believe us? Try it out in the mirror. Yes, even your eyes smile when you smile like you meant it. Smiling matters.

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