Every ten seconds social media gets a new user. On average, each new user creates five social media accounts and spends two hours per day engaging in them. Many argue that social media is a good thing. It allows people to use their voices in new ways. It connects us and helps us create relationships. And it allows us to learn about both past and current events. On the other hand, many argue that it has been a bad thing. It has become a channel for bullying and negativity. It has made us more disconnected and is keeping us from developing true connections and relationships. And it breeds jealously, insecurity, and loneliness. The tricky thing is, there is truth to both sides of the argument. So this week, we want to challenge you to decide who you will be online and SOCIALIZE GOODNESS. Try looking at every single thing you post on your social media accounts as a pebble dropped in the pond of culture. As your post ripples out to your followers, what is the message that it’s sharing? As it gets reposted and shared, are you proud of what you spread to others? If it goes viral, do you stand by your original post as thousands of people see your words or photos? Using our voices is powerful. But remember, with power there is great responsibility. So this week, and every week ahead, use social media to be authentic and to spread positivity and meaningful messages. Socializing goodness matters.

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