Every one of us is a creative being, and we all have the capacity to create. Many of us buy into the false belief that we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies. We disagree with that belief. Maybe you don’t feel like you can dance, paint, draw, sing, or sculpt, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Every one of us creates things all the time. You create friends, ideas, ways to give back to your community. You create a life for yourself and possibly even help those around you do the very same thing. You solve problems and create solutions that work—and when they don’t, you create a new solution. This week is for everyone, including you. It’s time to SPARK CREATIVITY. What do you do to inspire your creative process? Do you put on some vibey music and burn incense or a candle? When it comes to creating your life and being clear what matters most to you, do you sit down and talk it through with trusted friends or family members? Or, do you create a vision board or set goals? What would you like to be more creative in? Remember, no one is getting a grade for this, so pick what excites you the most. This week is all about maximizing the opportunities to maximize our creativity, and sometimes all we need is a spark. Sparking creativity matters.

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