In an era where everyone seems to have an opinion, combined with social media and the fact that everyone now has a platform from which to share those opinions, this week’s strategy might feel a little unnecessary. Like, isn’t there enough noise out there already? Well, yes there is enough noise already, but we still want you to SPEAK UP…just not in a noisy sort of way. We are a big believer in the old adage, “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it.” This doesn’t mean we can’t have different opinions and engage in meaningful conversations about topics that matter. Remember, this month is all about being unique, so of course we will have different ideas, beliefs, and things we are passionate about. But let’s speak up about them in a constructive manner that advances goodness in the world. If you have something to share you feel is an idea worth sharing, then share it. If you have something to share that might help grow a friendship or heal a wound, then share it. If you are feeling some emotions and need support from someone, then please speak up. Words are powerful, and words matter. Your voice and unique views also matter; but let’s always use our words and our voice to create positive and lasting impact. Being quiet and not sharing is not healthy for the world or us. Speaking up, kindly and constructively, matters.

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