The world we live in is complex and requires us to be brave. When we realize we have courage inside of us, we can start taking a stand for something we believe in. What is it that you believe in? What do you care about? What are you passionate about? How do your beliefs, passions, and ideals move you to action so you make the world a better place? This week, we’re asking you to STAND FOR SOMETHING. This is your opportunity to discover what you care about it and what it takes to take a stand for it. Maybe it is simply a set of morals and values that you will never compromise on. Or maybe it is a social injustice in your community or overseas. Maybe it’s something that requires you to educate yourself more and consider other viewpoints. It might even mean admitting when you don’t know the answer to something—or even admitting you were wrong and have changed. We’ll see how standing for something is a process of growth, and if we’re open, we will learn more about others, the world, and ourselves than we could have ever dreamed of. So this week, ask yourself, what is the world that you’re envisioning? How will you help make it happen? And how will you stand for something, even when it’s easier to sit? Be brave this week, and stand for something.

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