There is a pretty darn good chance that most of us will either sit or stand at some point throughout the day. There is also a pretty good chance that most of us don’t really think about this much, but we should. How we sit and how we stand say a lot about how we feel and what we communicate to other people. Are you aware of what your body is doing? Are your shoulders slumped forward, back hunched, arms crossed over your chest, or eyes looking down? If so, not only is this bad for you physically, but it also isn’t great for your mood or how you relate to and connect with others. So, this week, getting ready to STAND TALL. How we stand influences our mood and mindset. It shows our presence, our being, our personality, and our energy. How we present ourselves is connected to how we feel about ourselves and what we are thinking at that moment. When we stand tall, we are better able to see what’s possible and share those opportunities with confidence. We are able to tap into and engage our positivity and hope. We are able to see people and make sure they know that we see them. This week, let’s pull those shoulders back, straighten our backs, lift our chins up, and stand tall. Standing tall matters.

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