Hobbies are delightful things. They build on our natural curiosity and bring excitement and joy into our lives in so many different ways. But this doesn’t mean we are good at starting or sticking to them. We live busy lives, we have our routines, and sometimes it just feels like we don’t have the time or the energy for one more thing. But, this week, we are going to ask you to finish our month of being curious in strong fashion. We want you to START A HOBBY. The wonderful thing about hobbies is that they’re habits and activities that we build on top of our interests—so a hobby is something we’re already interested in and excited about. They are a spark for creativity and have a way of bringing back our childlike playful ways. Hobbies are also great places to build relationships and community. When you start a photography class, you find others who care about art and documenting life in an expressive way. When you join a book club, you’re joining a community of people who are excited to investigate the world through literature. This week, find not just what interests you, but what you can do with those interests. Build out a new and curious part of your life. Starting a hobby matters.

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