You have heard them all… “The proof is in the pudding.” “Actions speak louder than words.” “There is no shortage of good ideas, only good ideas executed on.” We’re wondering if these phrases have stuck with anyone. Yes, we know that last week we focused on learning, getting sharper, and consuming information. This week, we want to finish that thought, if you will. Now, we want you to START DOING. Let us explain… understanding music theory is an important part of learning the guitar, but you will never actually play guitar if you don’t pick one up and get strumming. This goes for anything in life. Want to be a great public speaker, programmer, tennis player, or friend? Then go “do” it. Don’t just think about it or talk about it. Actually, do it. And, in the spirit of being relevant, here is why this matters. To be pertinent or to have significant bearing on something, one can only come from a place of understanding. It’s easy to have an opinion about things we have never tried. But being relevant requires us to speak from our know-how and direct experiences. And, if you think about it, “experiencing” is a verb. So go do. Doing matters.

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