We want to begin this week by acknowledging that everyone’s comfort zone is a little different, especially right now. It’s really important we are honest with ourselves and also respectful of others when it comes to what feels right. However, we all know that we have been fairly isolated from one another over the past year and a half and that our lives and personal safe zones have gotten a bit smaller. As much as we needed to do this in order to protect others and ourselves, there has been a downside to it as well. So this week, in a super supportive and encouraging way, we want you to STEP OUT OF YOUR ZONE. Again, we are not asking you to go do something you are not comfortable with when it comes to your health and well being, but we do want you to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to creativity and connection. What is something your “old” comfort zone enjoyed, but your “new” comfort zone doesn’t find so comfy? In other words, what is something you used to do but not anymore? Or what is something you’ve always wanted to do or try but never have? In the spirit of being creative, make this your week to try something new. Let’s step back out and expand again. Let’s challenge ourselves. Stepping out of your comfortable zone matters.

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