We live in an instant gratification culture. We love microwaves, faster Internet, and same-day delivery. In other words, our typical focus is on the next few minutes, and not on next year, or ten years from now. When it comes to our environment, this way of operating is problematic because it ignores our own future and that of generations to come. So, this week, get ready to SUPPORT SUSTAINABILITY. The United Nations defines “Environmental Sustainability” as: “meeting the natural resource needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.” Seems fair. The challenge, however, is that year-after-year, each of us consumes more and more, and with population growth… Well, you get the picture. So, something has to change and that “something” is us. Our choices. Our priorities. Our compassion. We need to start thinking about and acting in ways that show that we care about the future. We can show it through our personal actions, but also with the dollars we choose to spend or invest – being picky to only go with companies who have the same future-focus as shown by their actions and use of resources. It’s up us. Supporting sustainability matters.

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