Typically, surprises are saved for birthdays and April Fool’s Day, so at most, you might be able to surprise the same person twice in one year. But surprises, when done in a kind, loving, and fun way, are absolute happiness machines. Sure, there is a little shock in the beginning, but that eyes-wide-open, hands-over-the-mouth look quickly turns into smiling and laughter. There is nothing wrong with more smiling and laughter in our lives, so this week, we want you to SURPRISE SOMEONE. Now here is the thing: please be thoughtful and respectful with your surprise. This isn’t the rubber-snake-in-the-drawer surprise…although you might find it fun and funny. This is the type that surprises someone both because it is unexpected and because it is meaningful. And know that it doesn’t need to be a big hoopla. A meaningful letter or a simple flower will do the trick. Preparing someone’s favorite dinner, just because, is a great surprise. Then again, throwing a birthday party for your spouse when it’s not even their birthday is pretty cool as well. You get the idea here. Let’s make it fun. Let’s make it meaningful. The effort alone is what makes it special; and creating fun moments and memories is a special part of life. Surprising someone matters.

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