Surprises are delivered in all shapes and sizes. There is the simple random act of kindness. There is the more elaborate surprise birthday party—hard to pull off, but awesome when you do. And, then there is the super sneaky “just because” surprise. We are fans of all the above, but only when they are grounded in the intention of bringing joy to someone. There truly is nothing like a good surprise, especially when someone you care about tailors it just for you. This week, we want you to take the time and put in the effort to SURPRISE SOMEONE. Surprising someone shows not just that you care about them, but that you find them worth the extra time and effort to create an unforgettable experience for them. It shows that you know them as they are and find great pleasure in doing something special for them. Today more than ever, we need to create more of these moments of joy, kindness, love, and fun, so let’s challenge ourselves to do this daily. Yes life is full of surprises and ones that aren’t always pleasant, but let’s do our part to create more of the good ones. You might even surprise yourself in the process as you reconnect with how imaginative and creative you are. It’s a win-win. Surprising someone matters.

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