When you breathe, you’re creating a space—space to make a choice. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to react to… well, everything. But when we come back to our breath, we remember that we don’t have to react. Instead, we can choose to respond based on the present moment. We get to choose whether our actions bring us and others joy, happiness, and love. This week, we want you to TAKE A BREATH. Well, we want you to take a lot of breaths, but the point of this week is to slow down and breathe with the intention of creating something good and balanced in your life. We want you to tune in as often as possible to your breath and listen to what it’s telling you. Take right now, in this moment. Is your breath slow or quick? Deep or shallow? There is no wrong answer, but your breath is talking to you. There’s a reason why meditation is so helpful to so many. When we tune in, we get a better idea of how we’re feeling in this exact moment. So this week, give yourself permission to slow down, get present, and breathe in. And breathe out. And remember that breathing is the source of all life. Meditate with us on the breath this week and discover just how important it is to balancing your life. Taking a breath matters.

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