Field trips rule. Come on, who didn’t or still doesn’t think that field trips were the best days at school? Maybe you’ve toured a chocolate factory. Or maybe went to a museum or science center? There was something about hopping on a bus and going out into the world to explore and learn that tickled our spirit of adventure and natural curiosity. And, believe it or not, many of these field trips shaped who we are today because they exposed us to new things. We experienced a place, learned something new, formed opinions… we grew. Well, this week, it’s time to TAKE A FIELD TRIP. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to bring with you? Will you drive, take a bus or subway, or jump on a plane? Will your destination be indoors or outdoors? What will you need to pack and bring with you? Are you feeling it? Are you getting pumped up? See, we believe that we should never lose our spirit of adventure. We also believe that there is always something new to see or learn and that we can’t be complacent when it comes to firing up our curiosity. So, pick a place, make a plan and make it happen. It’s going to be a blast. Field trips matter.

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