Ah, the dream of a vacation. We all want one, but the reality is that we stress out when we get ready to take one, and we often feel a bit depressed and overwhelmed with life when we get back home. It can feel like the ups and downs defeat the purpose of taking time off in the first place. But we can’t let this stop of us from getting out of our homes to enjoy some adventure, whether it’s for a week or just a few hours. So, this week, we want you to TAKE A JOURNEY. A journey can be that often-dreamed-of sweeping landscapes and oceanfront views in a far-off place sort of thing, or a journey can simply be to somewhere right around the corner from you. Either way, the important thing is to get the journey started—either by yourself or with others you care about—and to enjoy every moment of it. So where will you go? How will you get there? What do you hope to discover? See, these questions alone are enough to generate excitement about the journey already. And, maybe you don’t even need to ask or answer these questions, rather you just need to go and trust in process. We are cool either way. All we care about is that you go somewhere this week, because taking a journey matters.

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