Think about… what does your pre-vacation “To Do” list look like? Water the plants, pay the bills, do laundry, book travel, pack, drop-off dry cleaning, arrange pet care, double-down on work, pick up dry cleaning, leave for the airport… Sound familiar? And a little bit stressful? Well, it doesn’t stop there… when we get to our destination we try to do everything under the sun—shows, hikes, tours, meals, etc. The whole thing gets so overwhelming that we often feel like we need a vacation upon returning from the one we just had. Well, we think it’s time for a change, so we want you to TAKE A STAYCATION. What would it look like if you used your time off to stay right in your own community? Sure, you could book a hotel, but you could just stay home. Maybe there is a gardening project you want to do or Tuesday matinee you’d like to enjoy. Maybe there is a new restaurant you heard about or local museum or gallery you’ve never been to, even though you drive by it all the time. Or, maybe you could just relax and do nothing. After all, in this day and age, “relaxing and doing nothing” could be considered adventurous. So, consider taking a break and using those vacation days to go no further than your own community. Staycations matter.

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