Our health starts with us. Your desire and commitment to be healthy is dependent on one person… you. Of course there are factors that impact our health, like genetics, disease, economics, and the environment, but we can’t blame them on everything. We play a leading role in staying healthy and that is a role we should all embrace. So this week, we want you to TAKE OWNERSHIP of your health. We know what is good for us, but do we do it? We know what is bad for us, but do we still do it? Maybe this question will help you take charge: How do you want to look and feel ten years from now? How about twenty or even thirty years from now? Can you see and feel it? We hope so and that it is a picture of pure health—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We also hope it is awesome enough of a vision that it kick starts the work today, because you are the author of that story. Make your health a priority and it will honor you. You will also inspire other people in your life to do the same. That’s the power of leading the way and owning your life. Taking ownership matters.

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