The Blame Game is one of the worst games ever created. And, the notion of Finger Pointing isn’t much better. We see it around us every single day… especially this year, with a pretty big election taking place in November. We are about to elect the next President of the United States. For the next 3 months, we get to participate in one of the biggest Finger Pointing, Blame Games for sure. Or do we? What if we shifted the focus more on ourselves instead? What if, instead of pointing out everything that everyone else is doing wrong, we focus on what each one of us is doing personally… right or wrong? In other words, this week, it’s time to TAKE OWNERSHIP. If CNN did a poll on you, how would you score? What would your Approval Rating be? What would your platform be about and how would you move our communities forward? See, looking inward and taking ownership applies to all aspects of our lives. It puts us in the driver’s seat and places the onus directly on the person you see the mirror. Yes, that can be a little scary, but it is actually pretty awesome. You are really the what and the why… in everything. So, own it. Take responsibility, even when you fail. It’s the only way to grow and the only way to live. Taking ownership matters.

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