At the start of the year, or when starting anything new for that matter, often times our instinct is the come out of the gates flying. It’s like 0-100 mph in 30 seconds. We love the zeal and excitement of this, but there can be a few trapdoors as well. First of all, it’s easy to burn out too soon, hence the reason so many New Year’s Resolutions never get fulfilled. Secondly, it doesn’t allow us to stop for a moment to take inventory and to ground ourselves before launching towards the stars. So, this week, we want you to take a breather in order to TAKE STOCK before taking a single step forward. Checking in with ourselves, and those closest to us, doesn’t always come easy, so start by asking a few questions. What makes you happy and healthy? What challenges are you facing right now? How are your relationships going and how much time do you spend on the things that matter most to you? What is one thing you want to change or improve about yourself or your life? Last week, we dreamt about what we hope for in the year ahead. This week, let’s see if there is anything that can fuel us toward, or possibly hold us back from, realizing that happier, more peaceful life. Let’s check in before stepping up to change the world in our own special ways. Taking stock matters.

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