Ask any trapeze artist what the hardest thing is they ever tried and they will tell you that it was the first time they let go of their bar in order to reach for the one coming towards them. Kind of gets the nerves going just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Having our plans in place is amazing, but only if we are ready and willing to move into them. So, this week, it’s time for us to TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Taking the first step can be a scary thing, even if we are not swinging from ropes high above the ground. It might mean facing a fear or a personal insecurity. For example, walking into a gym for the first time when you don’t feel your best is not an easy thing to do. But if we are truly dedicated and have dug deep enough to dedicate our efforts towards something super meaningful, it means that we have to be bold and brave. Something has to change in order for something to change. We might need to change our comfortable routines. We might need to make different choices that won’t be easy in the beginning. Because one thing we know for sure is that if we don’t take the first step, we will never get to the second one. Instead, let’s trust that once we hit steps three, four, and five, we will have established a new normal and will be well on our way. Taking the first step matters.

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