There is a saying you have most likely heard before. It goes something like, “lower your expectations and you will never be disappointed.” Have you heard it before? Better yet, are you okay with it? Because we are not. We believe all of us should always expect better… Better effort. Better understanding. Better awareness. And, this month, better kindness. But this means we have a choice to make… Do we choose kindness or do we choose being right? Do we choose doing the right thing, even when no one is watching? Do we choose using our powers to make the world a better place or do we choose something different? This week, we want you to choose to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD… even when it is really challenging. There is no doubt that we will have disagreements in life. People will hurt us. People will let us down. Truthfully, we might even do the same to people in our life from time to time. But in these moments, we get to make yet another choice. Do we get down in the muck of all of it or do we rise above it? Do we set a boundary for ourselves in terms of what behaviors we are willing to accept from others and for ourselves? Our hope is that, in these moments, you have absolute clarity on what matters most in the bigger picture of your life and that you mindfully choose a healthy kindness for yourself and the world. Taking the high road matters.

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