As humans, we often prioritize being right as more important than being kind. It is almost like we see being kind as “losing” and being right as “winning.” But, what does that really get us? The answer is “nothing.” Well, maybe it gets us some sort of personal satisfaction and feeds our ego a little bit, but is that really “winning” us anything? In fact, maybe we have it completely backwards… and being kind is actually what it means to “win.” So, this week, we want you to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. Unfortunately, there might be a situation this week where you feel like someone has wronged you, or you find yourself in a disagreement, or you are presented with having to decide between doing the generous thing or doing what appears to be the best thing for you. In any of these circumstances, see them as opportunities to choose differently… to choose kindness. To not make it about you, rather to make it about lifting someone else up. Because, as soon as we choose kindness, in any of those situations, we can then move forward, together, and get on to creating beautiful and better things. That, is what we call, “winning.” Taking the high road matters.

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