It is often said that, in life, there are “leaders” or “followers.” Meaning you can’t be both at the same time. You might have even been asked this very question, “Are you a leader or a follower?” A leader is defined as: “A person who leads. A person who has commanding authority or influence.” Based on this definition, couldn’t a person be both a leader and a follower? Followers have influence too, don’t they? To that end, we believe that we are all leaders in our own right; we just need to own it. So, this week, let’s TAKE THE LEAD. Sure, we have our world leaders, community leaders, corporate leaders, and anyone else sitting in a “lofty” position. But leadership exists at all levels and in all styles. Some of us lead our families. Some of us lead a classroom. And, some of us lead big groups of people. Some leaders lead quietly, don’t make the headline news, and simply lead by example. Some leaders are bold, more public, and outspoken. There are so many ways for us to lead and to do it in our own way, but what all leaders share in common is their ability to be brave. Use this week to be brave and to take the lead in a meaningful way for you and those around you. All we ask is that you bravely bring kindness, respect, and equity to your work. Taking the lead matters.

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